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Albert Cruise 2016

posted 4 Sep 2016, 02:50 by Andrew Aitchison

We had six boats and 13 souls for lunch at the Albert. The boats are Happy Daze, Katie Leu, Spintail, Iris, Harry's Aquarius, and Ols Well. Here are a couple of pictures of the fleet at the NQ slip.

Our resident photographer (Harry Ward) will no doubt have taken some better ones.

Early on, we decided to change the NQ venue for Crammond, the tides, however, put paid to that plan - maybe next year.

It was a nice day, and the winds were light, but we had a good day out, albeit I had to motor sail from mortimers to home in order to make the tide, which we did but just!

A good day in good company what could be better?

Dave S

Regatta 2016 Results

posted 31 Jul 2016, 06:28 by Andrew Aitchison

Just a short note to advise you of the results of yesterday’s 141st Aberdour Regatta.  Attached are two files giving the final times and placings.  Congratulations to Chic Medley and crew in Jammin and George Scrivener and crew in Joint Venture for first places in the two classes we ran.  And we have some glasses for those boats that finished 2nd and which weren’t at the prize-giving.  It was great to see 18 boats readying for the start.  Thanks to all of you who participated to make it such an enjoyable event.

Best regards

John, Sailing Secretary

2016 Regatta

posted 27 Jul 2016, 02:04 by Andrew Aitchison

Entry Form and Sailing Instructions links added below.

2016 Regatta

posted 14 Jun 2016, 15:26 by Andrew Aitchison   [ updated 28 Jul 2016, 05:53 ]

Notice of Race, SI and Entry Form posted below

Raft up in Barnhill Bay

posted 24 May 2016, 05:17 by Andrew Aitchison

Fisherrow Cruise - new plan!

posted 16 May 2016, 12:19 by Andrew Aitchison

In view of other events and the continued state of the harbour at Fisherrow, it has been decided to cancel the planned cruise next weekend.   Instead we will have an Early Season Raft-Up on Sunday 22 May.
Please muster on the Pier at 1400 when the destination will be decided in the light of the weather conditions.   While the Commodore hopes to lead the Fleet, he accepts that the Rear-Commodore (and no doubt most of the Fleet) will overtake him in short order!

Hope to see you there
Ian MacFarlane

Evening Series 2 - Results

posted 16 May 2016, 11:21 by Andrew Aitchison

See race results for detail

Craig Dhu Results

posted 16 May 2016, 11:06 by Andrew Aitchison

Class: Slow Cruisers White Sail

Start: 08 May 2016 14:35:00
Weekend Racing
PlaceSail NoHcapNameHelmFinishCorrectedPointsSeries
15131310KenamaraJack Francis17:05:151:54:4212
2HW11172AquariusHarry Ward17:11:072:13:1224
Race notes: Craig Dhu
Results last updated on 08/05/2016 at 21:49
Race officer was John
Wind speed was 8 to 18 kts, direction E

08 May 2016 at 21:50
HAL's Race Results Mk.2 (version

Rescue Boat Rota 2016

posted 28 Apr 2016, 14:47 by Andrew Aitchison

Please see the 2016 Rota - added under Landward/Rescue Boat

Evening Series 1 - "Do the shuffle"

posted 28 Apr 2016, 08:08 by Andrew Aitchison

It was an evening of conspiratorial circumstances, when gusts, shifts, zephyrs and tides, took the four boats that crossed the start line on the first evening series, and shuffled them like a pack of cards. 

The forecast was for light winds, north-west.  On the pier, light seemed an understatement.  Course shortened to A: marks to port, three miles around M4, M2 and back to the start. 

The first downwind leg saw the fleet spread out as it approached the mark with Whispers having stolen a march.  And rounding on to the reach, I began to think decision to shorten was not the right one.  The wind was getting up.  The fleet would be home in 40 minutes.

The commodore and I were watching the race from the comfort of his car, sheltering from the falling snow.  Ne’er cast a clout…

Then the wind seemed moderate and one by one the fleet disappeared from view: Whispers, Mojito, Kenamara and Ommadawn, in that order I think.  Not long, we thought, before the train rounds M2 and hoves into view beyond the old wooden pier.  Perhaps some rearrangement while out of sight.  But it was probably the best part of an hour before any of the boats reappeared.  Ommadawn first.  Followed by Mojito.  No sign yet of Kenamara nor Whispers.  Occasional bursts of speed but otherwise beating slowly against the tide.  Ommadawn seemed to travel in mid channel.  Whispers closer to the shore.  Kenamara took the middle road.  All were chasing breaths of wind as mapped onto the surface of the water.  But as Ommadawn, Kenamara and Whispers beat – a complete misnomer in the circumstances – to  the finish line, after having been clearly separated on the previous legs, they were now converging on the finish line.  So close was the convergence that we were preparing for close quarter sailing and rehearsing key phrases from When Boats Meet.  “Now Jack is on port too but the leeward boat…”

It was 2 hours since the start; the fleet had been pulled apart in the search for weather then put back together for a photofinish.  Ommadawn was following a far flung track but finding wind, tacked and reached smartly back to the line.  Leaving the start mark to port and upwind, she squeezed by Kenamara, rounded the start mark and crossed the finish line from the course side, as required.  Kenamara was right behind but had to put in another tack.  Whispers, approaching the line from the course side, was inching over a glassy sea.  Four minutes separated the finishers.

And so it finished but with handicaps enacting one more shuffle - final result 1. Kenamara; 2. Ommadawn; 3. Whispers

The lack of wind meant the final manoeuvrings were in slo-mo, like giants lumbering across the line; had we filmed them and speeded up the play back, we would have seen an exciting spectacle.  So, if you’re at a loose end on the evening of the next series – 11th May – come down to the end of the pier, crack open a bottle, and enjoy the entertainment.

John McDougall, Sailing Secretary

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